Tiger Woods – Why? Power, Acclaim and Self image

(This article is neither planned to praise nor malign Tiger Woods. It is offered just as a methods for relating his own numbers in his numerology graph with the occasions and conditions of his life and predetermination to facilitate the comprehension of numerology as a science).

As the Adventure of Tiger Woods keeps on unfurling, its exercises rise attractive, tiny, adjustable and instructive. As pitiful as this human disaster seems to be, its exercises are packed with immortal and all inclusive standards and exercises of life – its victories, disappointments, baits, traps, feelings of grief and heartbreaks. It is undoubtedly a blend of both how to live and how not to carry on with one’s life. However, it is a typical biography recognizable to every one of us. Nobody in this world is flawless. We as a whole commit errors and have no doubt a few storage rooms loaded with both crisp and rotting skeletons. The thing with this show is that Tiger Woods was the most openly perceived games symbol on the planet, despite the way that the truth of his identity was so definitely not the same as the persona he depicted. This article keeps on diving into that one inquiry the whole world is posing, “Why?”

Tiger and the Intensity of the Numbers 8 and 9

As Eighteenth Century French Patroness, Suzanne Necker, concisely expressed, Fortune does not change men, it exposes them. What the world is seeing of a thirty-multi year old Tiger Woods is extremely the exposing of his identity characteristically. The majority of our lives are predetermined… to the breath. It is the same for Tiger Woods. Besides, panthers never show signs of change their spots. Nor do we. We all are brought into the world with a diagram that is set forever. We experience diverse periods of our life, particularly those set apart in our Life Network, and we can, with exertion, ascend to a higher recurrence of a specific inherent vitality that characterizes us, yet our fundamental examples are set and dictated by higher powers even before we are conceived. Why they are how they are is known just to God. Our responsibility is to do as well as can be expected with them, gain from them, develop from them, and even release past karmas including them.

Tiger: 9 Articulation

In numerology, the Articulation distinguishes the person as a composite entire, packed with resources, liabilities, wants, and identity attributes. Tiger Woods was conceived “Eldrick Tont Woods” on 30 December 1975. His original name likens to a straightforward 9 number, alluded to as the “Great Essential” in The Lord’s Numerology framework. As a figure, Nine (9) is exceptional on the grounds that when it is added to some other single figure, the outcome is dependably that number. For instance, 9 + 8 = 17 > 1 + 7 = 8. Notice that when 9 is added to 8, the outcome is 8. Were 9 added to 3, the outcome would be 3 in decrease: 9 + 3 = 12 > 1 + 2 = 3. It is the equivalent with each number. No other number has this quality. It is one of a kind solely to the 9.

This ‘terrific basic’ characteristic makes the 9 magnetic. Since individuals are truly vitality related to a numerical name, while drawing in with Tiger Woods [or any 9 person], they would feel an association in light of the fact that their particular vitality would be reflected to them by the 9 person. This is one motivation behind why 9 is amazing – it normally blends with everybody and everybody relates to it since it reflects themselves.

Nine (9) is additionally rule, and it would be a fitting expression to state, “9 rules.” For what reason is this? On the off chance that all the single figures in the alpha-numeric range [the single digits 1 to 9] are included and diminished to a solitary digit, the result is a 9. For instance: 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 + 7 + 8 + 9 = 45 > 4 + 5 = 9. In this manner, 9 contains the majority of the single numbers inside itself, supporting its appealling and chameleon traits. The alert is that 9 is conceivably so incredible it can wind up oppressive to an egregious flaw.

Nine (9) wears different qualities too. In numerology it is the quantity of the open stage, popularity, reputation, travel, workmanship, theater, extension, the worldwide spotlight, comprehensiveness, magnanimity, broadcasting, finishes, endings and the end of cycles.

As all numbers, 9 has opposite sides, one great; one terrible. 9 can be the unselfish ruler or the odious and vindictive dictator. Power will be control, regardless of whether it’s atomic or individual. Utilized fittingly, it produces incredible and awesome advantages for all; utilized improperly, it makes a horrific experience for everybody. What’s more, besides, whatever it makes, it creates a karmic restitution for itself. What we put onto the hover of life dependably hovers back to enclose us, paying little respect to whether the vitality is sure or negative. We sow; we procure. It is the unchanging law of this creation and nobody – no lord, ruler, poor person, sovereign, big name or even worldwide golf symbol escapes it.

The abuse of intensity is normal, which is the reason Ruler Acton expressed in a letter to London’s Priest Mandell Creighton, Power will in general degenerate, and supreme power adulterates totally. Extraordinary men are quite often terrible men, notwithstanding when they practice impact and not specialist.

Cash, and bunches of it, generally makes a feeling of common power. Since individuals are pulled in to cash and power, it puts the one in power in a risky position, particularly men who need patience and are submerged with a feeling of getting a charge out of the crown jewels of their vaporous strength with the female sex. With this power close behind, so close behind are the quantities of holders on, sycophants, predators, yes-sirs, fancy women, vultures and flies. What’s more, since the number 9 blends with everybody, it can, if it’s not cautious, become blended with those spirits and creatures who are of a dull, usurious, untoward and negative nature. In the event that burning of being in influence, or being put in influence, yet ailing in quality and shrewdness, it is anything but difficult to perceive how one would fall into the grasp of such sullied characters and in this manner endure the slings and bolts of crazy fortune, and absolutely the Forested areas’ Adventure fits the “ridiculous fortune” charge [respects to you, Mr. Shakespeare]. It is this power part of the 9 which plagues Tiger Woods, making a situation that was uncovered, apparently and circumstantially, with a ground-breaking, and purportedly, seething 9 iron.

Tiger’s Name Course of events PE of 9

In numerology, every one of our original names conveys with it a course of events or period in which the name is dynamic. Tiger’s first name is “Eldrick.” This compares to a 8. When we include his Lifepath number, a 1 [we’ll talk about this next], the outcome is a 9 result, the vitality of intensity, acclaim and reputation. This second 9 in Tiger’s diagram makes stacking, a condition making more prominent power of the 9 vitality. This 8/9 Impact/Reality Set [I/R set for short] rules Tiger’s life from birth through age thirty-five. It is additionally a mix demonstrating achievement [8] with an effectively open result of mastery [9] which Tiger has been special to have since birth. The miserable part is that except if one with this blend has a comprehension of otherworldly issues went with a feeling of quietude, common achievement frequently goes to individuals’ heads, swelling and blowing up them with the significance however misguided feeling of their own self images, blinding them and hence causing them gigantic despondency. Had there been more modesty than self image, the anguish could never have existed. Power would be given to God, not to oneself, so oneself couldn’t fall into the void of self-praise, egotism, affectedness and independent inconveniences.

Tiger’s First Test: 9/9

Expanding the stacking of 9 vitality is that the main Test time frame in Tiger’s life [from birth to age thirty-five] is a 9/9 IR set. This expands his capacity, control, open and worldwide impact just as blending among numerous individuals. With the expansion of this first Test 9/9 set, Tiger Woods’ graph uncovers a quadstack of four 9s:

  1. 9 Articulation
  2. 9 First Name [Eldrick] Course of events PE
  3. 9 First Test
  4. 9 First Test PE

This is unquestionably a lot of the vitality of intensity, control and open intrigue. However, as everything cycle does as well, control. None of us has it for eternity.

Tiger’s Feeling of Sense of self, Self, Uniqueness and the Number 1

Tiger Woods was conceived on 30 December 1975. This date makes a 1 Lifepath, a mind-blowing content showing the issues, occasions and exercises – both positive and negative – he will understanding. Joined with his 9 Articulation, this 1 Lifepath likewise creates a 1 Exhibition/Experience figure or PE, the segment of one’s Essential Grid characterizing the job an individual will play on the extraordinary life arrange. Here again is a case of stacking, this time including the 1 vitality.

The number 1 is simply the figure of the conscience, yang/male issues, activity, autonomy, quality of will, confidence. At the point when the 9 and 1 are consolidated, as they are for Tiger’s situation, the 1 PE [or reality cipher] is soaked with the vibration of self and inner self. E Online statements Tiger Woods’ secondary school sweetheart, Dina Parr, as saying that when he was in school he built up a “distant egotism” that raised with the quantity of ladies throughout his life. It is this 1 and 9 set of figures that unquestionably played and keeps on assuming a command job in Woods’ vexed life.

What is simply the answer for this consumed, control commanding disease? The appropriate response lies, as it generally does, with modifying one’s life to include the main genuine One [1], God, and His capacity, while subjecting the little, personality soaked and me-first determined self to a higher reality. In the event that we have control, it is on the grounds that God offered it to us. In the event that we have cash, it is on the grounds that God offered it to us. On the off chance that we are sufficiently lucky to have aptitudes and capacities that eclipse others, making us the best on the planet, it is on the grounds that God permitted it. Everything originates from God; nothing from self. The device is that we think our gifts and achievement have a place with us and were made by us. They don’t and aren’t. They have a place with God and are skilled to us by Him, and when we put ourselves first and take part in the extraordinary sin of lack of appreciation by not putting God first and

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